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Nantong Jianfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in research and development, production, management of pharmaceutical and food machinery, science and technology enterprises. Founded in 1984, covers an area of 12000 squaremeters,construction area of 6000 square meters, with annual sales of more than 25 milion . With the professional design, R&D, manufacturing and installaton and commissioning team, has developed into a certain scale pharmaceutica supplier.

As China Candy Gummy Counting Machine Factory and Candy Gummy Counting Machine Company, Jianfeng Machinery has constantly transformation in recent years, product innovation, independent R & D and production of Cotton Stuffing Machine, Counting & bagging machine, Automatic machine for cotton ball, multifunctional labeling machine, capping(pressing) machine and etc,. In 2015 had passed the CE, ISO product certification, 2016 went on and certified 7 utility model patent issued by the State Property Bureau. We have been favored by customers with professional technology, high-quality products, professional manufacturing processes, outstanding management and intimate service, and won wide domestic and foreign markets.

We are located in Wujia industrial park, Tongzhou district .Nantong cityJiangsu province. Close to Shanghai, superior position and convenient trafic. ln this area full of opportunities, customers needs are the foundation of our survival and meeting customers needs is the driving force of our development. By holding the business philosophy of “customer centered, serving customers whole-heartedly” and sticking to the principle of “advanced technology ,elaborate manufacturing,truth-seeking and pragmatism, considerate service” ,our company provides high quality products and sincere service for customers. Our survival and development space will become wider only through continously innovating and surpassing ourselves.


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Candy Gummy Counting Machine

The main functions of the Candy Gummy Counting Machine
A Candy Gummy Counting Machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed for the accurate counting and packaging of gummy candies. These machines are widely used in the confectionery and food packaging industry to streamline the production process. The main functions of a Candy Gummy Counting Machine include:
Accurate Counting:The primary function of the machine is to accurately count a predefined number of gummy candies. This is crucial for ensuring that each package contains the correct quantity of candies.
High-Speed Counting:Candy Gummy Counting Machines are designed for high-speed counting to improve production efficiency. They can handle large quantities of candies in a relatively short amount of time.
Batching:The machine often has the capability to batch the counted gummy candies into predetermined quantities. This is useful for packaging candies in specific batch sizes for retail or distribution.
Adjustable Count Settings:Operators can typically adjust the counting settings on the machine to accommodate different packaging requirements. This includes setting the desired quantity of candies per package.
Conveyor System:Candy Gummy Counting Machines may be equipped with a conveyor system that transports the gummy candies to the counting mechanism. This ensures a continuous flow of candies for counting and packaging.

How does the Candy Gummy Counting Machine operate?
The operation of a Candy Gummy Counting Machine involves a series of steps designed to accurately count and package candy gummies. While specific machines may vary in their exact mechanisms, here is a general overview of how such a machine typically operates:
Feeding Mechanism:Candy gummies are loaded into a hopper or feeding mechanism at the beginning of the process.The hopper is designed to ensure a steady and controlled flow of candies onto the counting conveyor.
Singulation:The machine often includes a singulation system to separate individual candy gummies from the bulk supply.This prevents clumping and ensures that each gummy can be accurately counted.
Counting Sensors:Various counting sensors are strategically placed along the conveyor belt or within the machine to detect the passage of each candy gummy.These sensors may use optical, infrared, or other technologies to register the presence of each item.
Counting Mechanism:As candy gummies move along the conveyor, the counting mechanism tallies the number of gummies passing by.This can be achieved through sensors, photoelectric cells, or other methods that detect the presence and passage of individual candies.
Sorting and Diverting:Once the specified quantity of candy gummies is reached, a mechanism is activated to divert or separate the counted batch from the ongoing flow.This can involve gates, pneumatic systems, or other devices to redirect the candies for further packaging.
Packaging:The counted batches of candy gummies are then directed to the packaging stage.This may involve filling pre-defined packaging units, such as bags or containers, with the exact quantity of candies.
Quality Control and Rejection:Some Candy Gummy Counting Machines include quality control features, such as cameras or additional sensors, to identify irregularities or defects.Any defective or incorrect batches may be rejected from the production line.
Data Logging and Monitoring:Many modern counting machines are equipped with data logging and monitoring systems.These systems track production metrics, count accuracy, and may provide real-time data for analysis and quality assurance.