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Nantong Jianfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in research and development, production, management of pharmaceutical and food machinery, science and technology enterprises. Founded in 1984, covers an area of 12000 squaremeters,construction area of 6000 square meters, with annual sales of more than 25 milion . With the professional design, R&D, manufacturing and installaton and commissioning team, has developed into a certain scale pharmaceutica supplier.

As China Powder Filling Packaging Line Factory and Powder Filling Packaging Line Company, Jianfeng Machinery has constantly transformation in recent years, product innovation, independent R & D and production of Cotton Stuffing Machine, Counting & bagging machine, Automatic machine for cotton ball, multifunctional labeling machine, capping(pressing) machine and etc,. In 2015 had passed the CE, ISO product certification, 2016 went on and certified 7 utility model patent issued by the State Property Bureau. We have been favored by customers with professional technology, high-quality products, professional manufacturing processes, outstanding management and intimate service, and won wide domestic and foreign markets.

We are located in Wujia industrial park, Tongzhou district .Nantong cityJiangsu province. Close to Shanghai, superior position and convenient trafic. ln this area full of opportunities, customers needs are the foundation of our survival and meeting customers needs is the driving force of our development. By holding the business philosophy of “customer centered, serving customers whole-heartedly” and sticking to the principle of “advanced technology ,elaborate manufacturing,truth-seeking and pragmatism, considerate service” ,our company provides high quality products and sincere service for customers. Our survival and development space will become wider only through continously innovating and surpassing ourselves.


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Powder Filling Packaging Line

What are the maintenance requirements for the Powder Filling Packaging Line?
The continued efficient operation of Powder Filling Packaging Line and the extension of equipment life are inseparable from a careful and systematic maintenance strategy. Maintenance requirements cover a series of key activities, including regular maintenance and overhaul work, as well as some specific preventive measures, which together ensure that all components of the production line remain in good condition and ultimately achieve stable and efficient production goals.
Regular cleaning plays a vital role in maintaining equipment in good operating condition. Removing dust, debris, and product residues can effectively prevent equipment failure caused by these factors while maintaining the efficient performance of the equipment. In addition, regular cleaning helps ensure the hygiene and safety of the production environment and prevents contamination from affecting product quality.
Lubrication and maintenance are key links in maintaining the long life of automatic packaging equipment. Various moving parts, transmission systems and mechanical structures require regular lubrication and maintenance to reduce friction, prevent wear and tear, and improve the overall stability and life of the equipment. This includes not only surface lubrication, but also maintenance of internal components such as bearings and gears to ensure that they can remain smooth during high-frequency operation.

During maintenance, it is crucial to inspect and calibrate sensors and control systems. This ensures that these critical components can accurately monitor and control individual production steps, ensuring packaging quality and consistency. At the same time, regular inspections of the control system can also help to detect potential problems early and take corresponding corrective measures to avoid large-scale failures.
The timely replacement of worn parts such as sealing rings and belts can prevent equipment failures caused by wear and ensure that the equipment maintains smooth operation in high-intensity production. This move is crucial for the reliability and continued stable operation of the production line.
Calibrating automatic packaging equipment is a critical task in maintaining high-precision metering and packaging. A regular calibration process helps ensure that the equipment provides accurate measurement results, thereby ensuring the quality and consistency of the final product. This is particularly important for industries that need to meet strict standards, such as the pharmaceutical and food industries.
Regularly recording equipment operation conditions and possible failures is an effective maintenance method. Through detailed records, maintenance personnel can better understand the operating status of the equipment, predict potential problems, and take timely measures to prevent problems before they occur. This kind of real-time recording also helps to quickly locate and solve faults, improving the efficiency of fault handling.