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Nantong Jianfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in research and development, production, management of pharmaceutical and food machinery, science and technology enterprises. Founded in 1984, covers an area of 12000 squaremeters,construction area of 6000 square meters, with annual sales of more than 25 milion . With the professional design, R&D, manufacturing and installaton and commissioning team, has developed into a certain scale pharmaceutica supplier.

As China Automatic Bottle Unscramblers Manufacturers and Bottle Unscrambler Suppliers, Jianfeng Machinery has constantly transformation in recent years, product innovation, independent R & D and production of Cotton Stuffing Machine, Counting & bagging machine, Automatic machine for cotton ball, multifunctional labeling machine, capping(pressing) machine and etc,. In 2015 had passed the CE, ISO product certification, 2016 went on and certified 7 utility model patent issued by the State Property Bureau. We have been favored by customers with professional technology, high-quality products, professional manufacturing processes, outstanding management and intimate service, and won wide domestic and foreign markets.

We are located in Wujia industrial park, Tongzhou district .Nantong cityJiangsu province. Close to Shanghai, superior position and convenient trafic. ln this area full of opportunities, customers needs are the foundation of our survival and meeting customers needs is the driving force of our development. By holding the business philosophy of “customer centered, serving customers whole-heartedly” and sticking to the principle of “advanced technology ,elaborate manufacturing,truth-seeking and pragmatism, considerate service” ,our company provides high quality products and sincere service for customers. Our survival and development space will become wider only through continously innovating and surpassing ourselves.


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Bottle Unscrambler

What kind of maintenance is required for Automatic Bottle Unscramblers?
Automatic Bottle Unscramblers are essential pieces of equipment in the packaging industry, designed to streamline the bottle handling process by automatically orienting and delivering bottles to the production line. Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure the continued efficiency and reliability of these machines.
Regular Cleaning:Perform routine cleaning to remove dust, debris, and residual materials from the unscrambling components. This includes cleaning the conveyor belts, sorting bowls, and other bottle-handling components.
Lubrication:Lubricate moving parts as recommended by the manufacturer. Regular lubrication helps reduce friction, wear, and ensures smooth operation of the machine.
Inspect and Replace Wear Parts:Regularly inspect components such as belts, chains, and sprockets for signs of wear. Replace any worn parts promptly to prevent malfunctions and disruptions in bottle handling.
Adjustment of Guides and Rails:Check and adjust guides, rails, and other positioning components to ensure that bottles are properly aligned and transferred without jams or misalignments.
Tension Adjustment:Check the tension of belts and chains to ensure proper alignment and operation. Adjust the tension as needed to maintain optimal performance.
Sensor Calibration:Calibrate sensors used for bottle detection and orientation. Properly functioning sensors are critical for the accurate sorting and positioning of bottles.
Inspection of Electrical Components:Regularly inspect electrical components, such as switches, sensors, and wiring, for signs of wear, damage, or loose connections. Address any issues promptly to prevent electrical failures.

How do Automatic Bottle Unscramblers contribute to the overall efficiency of a production line?
Automatic Bottle Unscramblers play a crucial role in enhancing the overall efficiency of a production line in the packaging industry.
Increased Throughput and Speed:Automatic bottle unscramblers are designed to handle bottles at a high speed, ensuring a rapid and continuous supply of containers to the production line. This increased throughput helps in meeting higher production demands.
Reduced Downtime:By automating the bottle unscrambling process, manual intervention is minimized, leading to reduced downtime. This continuous operation helps maintain a steady flow of bottles, preventing interruptions in the production line.
Enhanced Accuracy and Precision:These machines are equipped with sensors and mechanisms that ensure accurate and precise bottle positioning. This reduces the chances of misalignment or jams, contributing to a smoother production process.
Adaptability to Different Bottle Sizes and Shapes:Automatic bottle unscramblers are designed to handle a variety of bottle sizes and shapes. This flexibility allows manufacturers to easily switch between different packaging formats without major adjustments or delays.
Streamlined Integration with Other Equipment:These machines are often designed to seamlessly integrate with other packaging machinery, such as fillers, cappers, and labelers. This integration streamlines the entire packaging process, creating a cohesive and efficient production line.
Labor Savings:By automating the bottle unscrambling process, the need for manual labor to sort and arrange bottles is significantly reduced. This not only lowers labor costs but also frees up workers for more skilled and value-added tasks.
Consistent Production Quality:Automatic bottle unscramblers ensure consistent bottle orientation and positioning, which is crucial for downstream processes. Consistency in bottle presentation contributes to the overall quality and aesthetics of the packaged products.